Wednesday, February 4

Sunday, December 7

Some more recent photos, man I am so bad at taking pictures..LOL

Sunday, August 12

My "WHIM" weekend

A road trip to lower mainland BC and the Island for a wedding. A stay in Langly with the 'Bay Bunch'. A few nights there topped off with a Beach Day and complimented with amazing meals and some of the coolest kids I know! Friday night we drove from Langly to the Twassasen ferries were we realized we would have to walk on and have someone from the other side meet us there cuz it was August long weekend and the ferries were uber booked all weekend. So we get there and have a blast, seeing old friends and dining with an amazing BBQ. Then Saturday, wedding day we arrive at what I would call a palace in paridise somewhere in Victoria. English style country buildings built into the hills and surrounded by stunning gardening. Royalty intimidating me in my board shorts and flip flops..hehe. The day was absolutly beautiful, 30 degrees and a mild brezze without a could in the sky. Then the reception was packed with reminicing and yet again, amazing food (some kinda fancy chicken and pacific salmon fillets). Then it was back the mainland for yet another BBQ with the Bays neighbours. A final game of 'Full House' with the kids before I leave and an almost tearful goodbye. I will forever love the Bays, they are my family now and I thank God for bringing them into my life!

Oh yeah: and here are some pics...

Tuesday, April 10


Well I sit here and type with my heart burning with a passion for home. 3 more days and I will be home! Until then Life here has been and is going Great* I beleieve I will do quite well on my finals and I am begining to acknowledge my Spiritual gifts. I can see God using me to bless all my friends here. He has truly given me a passion for relationships and a Love for people. This last week has been uber busy!!!! I have gone to yet another wedding reception and recied invites to another 2 for this summer! I have been digging in to the Word with more of an interest and am defianlty being filled with more passion, more Love, more excitement, more hope, more Joy and more inner peace. I am learning more about how the characteristics of the Spirit are metaphorically called fruit, and WHY they should be enjoyed. God has been placing me in situation were it is as though He has withdrawn from my life to a point only to allow me to grow in my faith and understanding of who He really is. I have recently come to completeion in my favorite class of all time: Theology 2. We just finished our Eschatology unit and the doctrine of the end times. Going through the emotions I diod in this class do not even compare to what this unit held for me. I now see God for WHO He is and just how wrathful and hating He is toward sin. How disgusted He is with the wicked. How VERY FEW people (sadly even many Christians) will make it into heaven to be with the LORD forever. Tonight will be my very last night spent @ Joe's Place. A place that has equipped me with the tools and skills that I need for youth ministry. God has opened my eyes to the distorted world we live in and it absolutly breaks my heart to see these children of God who have no future.

I am being separted from many friends and family-like friends here @ Briercrest and yet the Lord brews within me nothing but pure joy and utter peace. I wish to encourage you with these words. Take them to heart, know that God has so much in store for you and His arms are open to you, but if you choose not to take EVERY SINGLE blessing He has for you, you WILL lose them forever! Take God VERY seriosuly and take it to heart the wisdom that is in your head. Allow the knowledge within you make that journey of a whole 18 inches to your Heart, where ONLY there can it be transformed into Wisdom.

Please pray for me also if you may remeber. My father has huge plans for me right around the next bend in my life. He has presented me with an opportunity to bless and BE blessed, and I dont wanna lose that or trade it in for anything (even a life partener) ... seriously. I want to follow the Lord wholeheartedly and not be stupid enough to allow these prescious moments to fade but rather be stupid enough to ask my father to stretch my faith and give me trails so that I may only grow; knowing that is HE ALONE who holds my future, not myself. and it is He who will walk me through life unharmed and unashamed if I so choose that....

And that IS what I have chosen

I pray you will only so little as think to do the same.

Thursday, March 15

A Few of My Intrests

My loving parents have always been there for me and I have never really noticed it until now

My only sister has been living in Mexico for the last 4 years, For the first time I actaully miss her*

My youth group (ICE) back home brings me JOY everytime I see any one of them. The Lord has blessed me with such a wonderful group of teens!

And Of course who can forget, The One, The ONLY...Fresh Prince of Belair (Will Smith) who brought me laffter as a child and continues to bring Joy through the DVD boxsets seasons 1-4**

And of Course above ALL my intersts is my Heavenly Father, Lord and Saviour!


Tuesday, February 20

2ND Semester Classes

Well heres a breakdown of my 2nd semester...

General Epistles: this class studys and examimes the general epistles from Hebrews to Revelation. The professor is horribly funny and cant go ONE class with out at least 10-15 puns! I have been very interested in the things I am learning about some of the un-known authorships and seeing thins differently than before.

Old Testament Historical Books: with Peter Mitchell as the prof, this class is one the funniest yet intriuging classes I am taking. Looking through the books of Joshua throughout Nahum has been seen in a WAY more exciting way than when I had read some of them. Mitchell is amazing at bringing the OT to modern life. I respect him highly and find it fun to learn the OT with him as prof.

Evangelism and Discipleship: the title this class has been given pretty much states its objectives. Taking a look through church history and its ways of minisrty and everything from the modernistic look to the post-modern. With practical evang and disciplship assignments along with a really "cute" somewhat kindergarden like teacher, this class is rather enjoyable and forces me to put together basic bible studies and get out there and "go and do it"

Christian Theology 2: favorite class I will have ever taken in any of my schooling history. Once again, Peter Mitchell (a man who invites JW's in his house only to have them leave speechless) tops it off. Going through basic Christology (proof of Jesus and and his death and rez) all the way to supportive arguments. I have never been in a one hour session 2wice a week that I have enjoyed more. I will leave this place (Briercrest) equipped with the knowledge needed to support my belief and know what to say when someone asks me why I am a Christian!

Basic Piano: Pretty obvious. Going through Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Vol. 1.

JOES PLACE: Well, my favorite times here in the land of living skies have been @ Joes! I have been given full authority over the DJ booth and still enjoy workin the pit and makin my rounds patrolling the block. Last week we had another fight and 20-some kids left Joes to go to Cresent Park. Fortunatly and hulariously, some cheif staff and Joe himself had started a snowball fight to break it up. "So I hear there's supposed to be a fight here tonight" Justin said as he was packing his ball of snow* I am very sad to leave this place this spring to come home and stay. But future visits are a guarentee!!!

Thats all folks...

Saturday, December 9

PC or Mac?

So, which are you? Think about it. I really admire these videos on a number of different levels...

The actors were amazing at creating this parody. It was well done, it was clear and straight forward, it has an amazing message that I beleive we should all consider. In Paul's letter to the Galatians he writes to them concering circumcision. In Paul's day, if you were a Jew, you had to be circumsized in order to fulfill the "law". But after Pauls conversion on the road to Damascus (Acts 9), he began to preach to both the Jews and the Gentiles. Pauls first letter was to the Galations and he wrote it from Antioch inbetween his first and second missionary journey. He wrote to the GALATIANS out of anger for what they were doing wrong. In chapter 6:12-16, pauls mentions circumsision in particular and states boldy that it simply does not matter. What matters is that all people in Christ are new creations (2 Cor. 5:17-20) and the old law is has gone since Jesus. Anywhoo, i just think that these videos are really sweet and you should really think about them hard.

Love you guys...

Tinky :)

Wednesday, November 8

Road Trip Pics as promised*

So yeah, on the way home from Mod-week, I picked Sara up and we were just gonna go to Calgary for the day (she had never been there) like to go shopping. But heck on the way when I was driving, I passed through 'Mountian View County' on Hwy 2. I saw the pink rosy red of the sunrise shinging on the freshly white capped how could I resist...Canmore was only another 40 min from Calgary! So yeh, these are the pictures. Love you all, toodles*

Waay back to 'Mustache Day'

Pretty creppy eh? LOL